Juan Vilar Sanchis

Computer and Software Engineer.


Obtained a Computer Engineering degree at the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (Valencia, Spain) plus a year abroad in Rome, in the Universitá degli studi La Sapienza di Roma, via Erasmus Programme.

Working Experience

November 2023 - Currently Working | IT Specialist @ Pianomatic

Currently developing patent number WO2022029351A1 for the creation of an automatic piano tuner. You can find more information about this project in this link.

  • Created a front-end application using angular + Ionic Framework that connected via Bluetooth to an Arduino device.
  • Designed the circuit board and circuit frame for printing using fritzing.
  • Managed a small team of 5 people and directed the project.
  • Ported bottleneck parts of JavaScript code to Rust and C++ using WASM.

July 2023  - October 2023 | Back-end Developer @ Vitaance

Brief collaboration with Vitaance, a startup company focused on wellbeing for employees:

  • Successfully implemented a TDD based back-end strategy for testing using Nest.js and jest.

2022 - 2023 | Part-time associate teacher @ ESIC University

I worked as a Part Time Associate Teacher at ESIC University, teaching over 50 students in the arts of Wordpress , HTML, CSS and Vanilla JavaScript. As part of my duties, I designed the course’s curriculum and graded students based on their exam results and performance for two consecutive courses.

May 2022  - October 2022 | Responsable MCO @ Sopra Steria

As a full-time consultant in Sopra Steria, I worked for the French national GRDF as the person in charge of all issues and incidents related to the production environments of an app / system that took care of the update of gas counters for clients in their gas energy network (over 11 million users). As the Responsable MCO (Maintenance des conditions operátionnelles) I:

  • Coordinated the work of 20+ workers (developers and business analysts), prepared Daily meetings.
  • Used Jira extensively to synchronize our efforts and keep track of time management for each developer.
  • Took care of the production related issues (mainly database and data manipulation errors) and assigned tasks to available resources.

2019 - 2022 | Engineering Manager @ Hamro Dev

As my company grew, I had to change my role from developer to project management and operations planning. As an operations officer, I:

  • Engaged with clients to prepare budgets and updates on their projects.
  • Worked with a network of 300+ developers to build development teams and assign them to new projects.I Heavily relied on tools like Trello, Jira, Gitlab to coordinate with teams of up to 6 independent contractors.
  • Managed existing software projects, making sure deadlines were met within budget.
  • Team-led for most of the projects and was responsible for git code reviews.
  • Routinely evangelized TDD good practices among my developer base.
  • Extensively used Adobe XD to create powerful mocks for product backlogs, being heavily involved in the design and implementation process.
  • Designed the microservice architecture for MVPs and prototypes of my clients.

2018  - 2019 | Freelance Developer @ Hamro Dev

I started my own company as a freelance developer. I offered my services to clients who needed software consultancy and software development.

  • I used BPMN to help my clients deliver true IT specifications and rapid clickable prototypes.
  • Developed endpoints using Node.Js, Typescript, MariaDB and other NoSQL solutions such as MongoDBfirebase and Amazon Web Services (lambda, EC2, S3).
  • Developed hardware and electrical schematics and solutions using Fritzing, Raspberry Pi and arduino.
  • Developed angular.js front-end applications under ionic framework.
  • Developed endpoints using C# and .net that communicated with front-end angular applications. 
  • Extensively used TDD in back-end using Junit and front-end TDD using Karma + Jasmine.
  • Coded firmware parts for Arduino using C++ / Arduino language.
  • Developed applications using Python and worked in Django Projects.
  • Worked with Joomla and WordPress developing marketing sites for clients
  • Used Brownie suite to deploy SmartContracts in the Ethereum blockchain.

2012 - 2016 | PHP Developer & Project Manager @ JFLATS

Manager of JFLATS. A real estate asset management startup company with its own software where I:

  • Managed real-estate assets worth over 5 million euros.
  • Coordinated tenants in and out of the properties as well as cleaning and maintenance staff.
  • Managed a team of three developers and led software projects using PHP, JQUERY and row-DS.
  • Designed new software features by talking with key stakeholders.
  • Talked to providers, managed bills and data income analysis for landlords and owners

2012 (6 month internship) | Full-stack developer @ Telefonica Talentum Startups

As a part of the Talentum Startup programme by Telefónica. I worked in an entrepreneur company focused on new music bands. Bandness (the name of the startup) was a social network for indie bands to sell their songs online. I:

  • Mocked design psds in HTML  + CSS.
  • Worked extensively as a full stack web developer using PHP and Symfony

2011 (6 month internship) | Web developer @ ITENE

During this internship at ITENE while in university, I developed small mini sites for each of the company’s departments and projects

  • Developed websites using Joomla for each department that needed marketing.
  • Developed simple tools to interact with their Navision system.
  • Acted as a web consultant with other departments of the company, filling in technical details when needed.

2012 | Full-stack developer @ Zona Jugones

A small project backed by a large computer consumer product retailer. I developed the company's website as well as its internal internet structure and worked for them as a part-time freelance website developer using Joomla.

2007 - 2012 | Freelance Website Developer @ Innova Studios

I worked as a freelancer developing web pages for small companies, developing their websites using mainly Joomla CMS , WordPress and vanilla HTML/CSS development that paid for my costs while studying at university.

Typescript + JS 0%
Angular (Frontend) 0%
C# 0%
C/C++ 0%
SQL 0%
Rust 0%
MongoDB 0%
Docker + CI/CD 0%
Java 0%
Arduino + Circuit Design 0%
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My mother tongue.


I studied it as a toddler and have perfect / bilingual communication capabilities


I studied abroad in Rome and can speak it very fluently with almost native capabilities.


I posses a B2 certification for French as a foreign Language.


Basic course in Nepali, studied while living abroad.