I do Software Engineering

I am a computer engineer from Valencia - Spain.
I am a digital nomad  comfortable working in remote environments.

This website talks about me, tech, travel and my opinion on world affairs.

My skills

As a computer engineer , I have wide experience in many roles within the software development cycle. Throughout my carreer not only have I worked as a backend, frontend and fullstack engineer in many projects, but also managed development teams as a PM as well as designed software solutions as a Business Analyst and closely worked with Sales as a Sales Engineer.

API REST endpoint development 0%
QA and automated testing 0%
Project management with JIRA 0%
SQL database management 0%
MongoDB 0%
Elastic search 0%
Arduino + Circuiting 0%
Angular 0%
Docker 0%
CI / CD 0%
Cloud Technologies ( AWS, Azure, GCP) 0%

My technology stack involves proficiency in Typescript/Javascript, PHP, Python, C#, C/C++ and Rust.



My mother tongue.


Studied it as a toddler and have perfect / bilingual communication capabilities


Studied abroad in Rome and can speak it very fluently with almost native capabilities.


I posses a B2 certification for French as a foreign Language.


Basic course in Nepali, studied while living abroad.

 Passionate about Technnology

Overall I consider myself a bit of a Geek who is passionate about technology and loves everything related to technology.