Pianomatic is a device intended to automatically tune pianos. The startup hired me and my team to develop the project from start to finish. Initially we set up to find if there was any business competitors and ensured that no patent would prevent the startup from developing their business.

Then we started a testing phase with much trial and error. Our front end was built in Ionic Framework with Angular and consisted of an app that would listen to the sound of the piano and detect the frequency at which it sounded. It would then compare the frequency it was sounding with the frequency that the piano should be sounding to (preset and known) and then, send signals to an Arduino board via Bluetooth.

The Arduino board was set inside a 3D-printed device and would receive these instructions. Based on the instruction received, it would activate clockwise or counter clockwise a stepper motor. The stepper motor was jacked into the piano's string holder and would turn the holder left or right, increasing and diminishing the tune automatically. When the frequency was close to the desired frequency, the application would mark the key as tuned and the operator could move on to the next string of the keyboard and repeat the process.

1 January 2020