Clink was a client that was interested in developing a large platform for small shops and businesses that could sell daily products (mainly derived from fish and livestock) online.


We helped this small startup discover the technology limitations in developing this idea. Their main goal was to offer small businesses the chance to sell products online and prepare orders before a client would arrive. So their clients would only need to pay online and then pick up their orders already prepared from the shop.


Clients would see a list of all possible shops and businesses nearby that offered their selling online and would decide what amount of food/products they wanted to acquire. In a global pandemic context, the platform offered clients the possibility of reducing the time spent outside and also offered clients a potential way to compete against giants such as large retail supermarkets or other distribution services such as Amazon. I conducted the research and investigation of the technological needs, as well as helped my clients to give birth to the complete idea behind the development of the website.


Work developed also included a technical briefing of architecture and deployment needs, as well as a rapid clickable prototype that my clients could show to investors.

6 May 2020